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Bialetti Brikka Coffeeing

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Bricka is the only coffee flier that makes the espresso as close as possible to what is presented at the actual Italian bar. The coffee is stronger and richer than the usual moka. But naturally its main advantage is thick and perfumed foam. And to make this foam better, we radically redesigned the clampdown system.


2 espresso glasses – 90 ml

4 espresso glasses – 190 ml

How coffee is made in Bialetti Moka Pot machine
When we first use coffee, we recommend pouring coffee 2-3 times and pouring it— it will wash away the factory’s dust particles and oil residues, and a noble coffee film will be produced in their place, which increases the flavor properties of coffee.

  1. First pour to the level of the safety clamp at room temperature to the water tank.
  2. Fill the shell with grinding coffee (don’t squeeze it), cut the excess from the edges and enter the huni in the reservoir.
  3. Close the coffee bowl firmly (hold on to the main trunk, not the lock) and place it on the oven. Small mystery: Fill the coffee at low temperatures – it’s better to wait a few minutes longer but you get the perfect coffee
  4. A walnut-coloured foam will appear from the column seconds before preparation. When you hear the whispering sound of coffee and see the coffee entering a completely upper jaw, remove the coffee folder from the fireplace.
  5. Now the most important point: we strongly recommend drinking it as soon as you pour it into a cup to enjoy the full fragrance of coffee.

How to care for a Moka Pot coffee machine
Wash your coffeeer only by hand without any washing machines, soap or abrasive substances. After washing, we recommend drying the coffee thoroughly so that there is no trace of water left on it after drying. Dry all the parts thoroughly before installing the coffee bowl. Check for iron filters, filters, and iron compressors from time to time — they may need to be modified over time.

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2 cup, 4 cup